Sri Sri Yoga in the mountains 9 August 2020

Come and enjoy a fascinating place, the coolness of the mountain with Sri Sri Yoga conducted by the certified teacher Gianni Pisano

Sri Sri Yoga proposes yoga in its pure and authentic form, combining delicacy, intensity and power. A complete discipline of yoga, Sri Sri Yoga brings the wisdom and traditional techniques of Yoga in a light yet profound and joyful way.

A gentle and vigorous sequence of asanas is taught for the well-being of the body, while equal emphasis is placed on breathing and meditation techniques to cultivate the mind and spirit.

Yoga asanas that have been practiced for centuries, integrated with the wisdom of the ancient scriptures, are taught in a format that helps those who practice improve the quality of daily life.

Through the practices taught in the classes, participants learn how to use these techniques to improve symptoms such as insomnia, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, migraine.

Symptoms such as anxiety, worries, anger … are alleviated and gradually dispersed. The positions of the Sri Sri Yoga sequence were designed to lead to a balanced state of health and a calm mind.

Relaxation and well-being are guaranteed!

Event in collaboration with Gioyoga di Gianni Pisano


  • Meeting and departure point: 9:30 am piazza della Repubblica Laviano (Sa)
  • 11:00 am lesson of sri sri yoga with Gianni Pisano
  • 13:00 lunch organized by B&B Il Tritone
  • 2.00 pm meditation and relaxation
  • 3:00 pm trekking from Franzino to Monte Pennone

For practice:

  • The lesson lasts 90 minutes
  • You need to bring a mat and a plaid with you
  • The use of insect repellent is recommended, usually (lavender oil or neem oil) to describe the participants


B&B Il Tritone


Phone: 3396709669

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